Privacy Policy

The following information outlines how any information collected by Sarah Calvert Psychotherapy during your assessment and therapy sessions will be used.

I am the Data Controller for my Private Practice, Sarah Calvert Psychotherapy, and I abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (2018), registration number ZA523334. I will protect and respect your privacy and ensure your data is used securely. For more information on the Information Commissioner and the GDPR, please visit

Consultations are confidential and session records are stored with the intention of benefitting your therapy. It is understood by both parties, the therapist and the client/s, that this data may contain personal or sensitive information.

The information that is stored about you can be discussed during our consultation if you have any concerns. The personal information I hold about you (name, address, email address, telephone number, medical history etc.) is stored in a locked filing cabinet, which can only be accessed by myself. You have the right to request your personal information.
I write brief notes about what we discuss during our sessions. However, I do not write your name on my notes to maintain confidentiality. I keep all the information I hold about you, including notes, for seven years after the end of therapy, after which time I destroy all the data I have about you.

Please be aware that if you pay for my service via online bank transfer, my name / company name may appear on your bank statement and your name on mine.
In the event that I am suddenly incapacited and unable to work or make contact with you in person, a professional executor will take responsibility for notifying my clients of this, in which case your identity would be disclosed to enable the executor to do this. Executors are bound by the same professional and ethical guidelines of confidentiality.

Professional and ethical guidelines require that I attend regular clinical supervision to discuss my. Consultations with my clinical supervisor are also confidential and I do not provide any unnecessary information or use full names.

For the purpose of training and writing for the contribution to the field of psychotherapy, I may use some of our material for case studies. When doing so, all identifying information is disguised to ensure confidentiality.

I will use your preferred methods of contact: email, texts or phone calls. Please note that these methods are not secure, therefore I cannot guarantee complete confidentiality; I would therefore advise you not to discuss or write personal or sensitive information via texts or e-mail.

Online Enquiries

When you make an enquiry via the website or via email you consent to your data being held with the purpose of arranging therapy.

Visitors to the Website

This website uses Google Analytics to understand how visitors engage with it. It collects information anonymously and reports website trends without identifying individual visitors. For more information visit Google Analytics privacy and security information.


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